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A Very Special Person by the 5th graders in Rahula

               A very special person

NEYMAR is very special person. He is very good football player. He is a fast and skillful player. He is the best football player in world. He is from Brazil but he lives in Barcelona. He player and I play football and I want to be as good as him. has two kids. He loves football and his family. He is special person because he is a good. 
By: Arttu

 A Very special person
My friend is a very special person.  Her name is Heidi.
She is very nice.  Her hobby is riding.  She likes horses and ponies.
She lives in Rahula. She is eleven years old.
Heidi has a mather, father and three brothers.
We live near to Heidi. She is special because she is my best friend.

By Silja

                                                A very  special person
My ganddada’s name is  Risto he’s very special person.
He’s is 76 years old.   
He lives in Mikkeli . He  doesn’t have hobbies. 
He is qite small but very happy lovely kind and funny.
He likes skiing  and music  and he likes to travel. But he doesn’t  travel much.
He doesn’t like angry people.
He  hasn’t got animals.
He is a special person because he is very nice and lovely. 

By Elsa

A very special person
My granddad is a very
His name Paavo
He doesn’t work
He is 89 years old
He doesn’t have hobbies
He lives in Graani He is quite old and funny He special because he has been in a war.

By Toivo

                              A very special person

Usain Bolt is a very special person. He lives in Jamaica. His hobby is running. He is black. He is fast and tall. He is likes taking photos and running. He is 27 years old. Bolt is the master of Olympic Games. His nickname is Lightning Bolt. His records were in Berlin, in Manchester and Kingston 2007 and 2009       By onni

A very special person
My mother is a very special person. Her name is Soile. She is 45 years old. She lives in Mikkeli. She works as a nurse. Her hobby is running. She likes the trampoline. She is mum likes pizza. She is makes good. She is special because she makes good food.

By Hilja

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